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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

[C] Control

So I finally finished [C] and damn.Just damn.
I would probably give it a 7.5/10......... okay like 7.75/10
STORY 8/10
The story was really good, it really got me thinking and the whole concept was way cool.Im not very good with all that economy talk so i was waaaay confused but i think they made sense?The stroy plays with alot of grey area and never seems to have any definitive progression.The whole 'future over present' was really what the anime should have kept as a sub-plot.The story started off great and really had me intrested.And for the most part kept me interested, it was just that the more i watched the more confusing the story got.They warped it in all odd directions which had an interesting effect,further emphasizing the dangers of the financial district, how your loss effects the world around you and so forth.But it also created soo many wholes in the story,the logic of it wasnt very accurate and i still dont understand it. So yeah the reason i didnt rate it higher is because even though it had a really good main story i think it could have been executed better.If they had held onto the original concept and not pulled into so many other places i would have liked it alot more.

The art was absolutely amazing.It was a little weird at first when i have a 2-d world and random 3-d characters popping up but it was a good way to differentiate characters from the 'real world' and the other one.Now im not sure if they kept Kimmimaro that flat and boring looking just to go with his underwhelming and meek personality but he could have used a face lift. The financial district was really pretty and the movements flow nicely.Needles to say the animation was gorgeous with nice backgrounds and even flow.It was a little weird but i like weird.

The sound was good but nothing amazing.The soundtrack went with the scenes well and the opening theme was nice.The characters didnt have annoying voices which is always a plus on my part.

Ahh the characters.Im not sorry that i didn't like Kimimaro.I wonder if they actually wanted us not to like him?I mean he's not interesting at all, he actually really sucked.He thinks too much (and at least he understands that) but still he doesn't
do anything,he has no sense of vision,or drive .Like really, his answer for everything is that he dosent know what he wants or what to do he's too quick to follow others opinions without formulating his own.The anime is short so we don't get to know the characters all that well but non of them are all that complex but there still likable.He dosent really get close to anyone and non of the relationships in the story are clear cut.Again alot of the deteails get swept into the immense grey area that seems to surround the story.
Masakaki is the most complex an unpredictable so he was my fav.Mikuni was very strong minded and wasn't wishy washy with what he wants so i admired him for that.Also i hated how they just leave you on the wing with Kimimaro and Mysu.Like what kind of relationship is that?Its just such a...a...grey way to go about it.I couldnt tell if they wanted us to ship them or if they were like related somehow.Also they never answered the link to his father, amongst many other things.

Even with all of that it was still nice.I mean the action scenes were nice and the whole thing was pretty to look at.The ending kind of got me pissed, even though i didnt like Kimmimaro it seemed like nobody won in the end and just left me a little sad.Maybe its because i was secretly rooting for Mikuni which reminds me, how many anime guys are going to have a sick little sister they go head over hreals to keep alive?Like with everything going on you couldnt think of a more innovative motive? I know it sounds like i didnt like it but I did.I just dont like how they had so much more potential that would have made it better and didnt use it.

So yeah 7.5

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  1. Finally someone who agrees kimmimaro was totally lame and I feel the same about the ending and mysu.Like ....like......its just weird.