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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Paper Towns -A Book Bee's Review

The plot 2/5
I spy with my little eye a great story.” road trip.
Because the best part of the story was the road trip.It was entertaining and was a wonderful play at bonding the characters together.
With each passing hour you see them unwind ,they start to see the world a little different and start to look at each other different too.

If theres anything I could relive from the book it would be the road trip.Its the one part I remember almost perfectly and its the part that reminds me i actually like the Q.
Why?Because the road trip is the only time post-obsession that Q and his friends are having fun,being teenagers and actually enjoying the adventure!

The story before that was just, straight up- a disappointment.
While is progresses and flows great, the content just wasnt doing it for me.It was all about Margo-who just happends to be my least favourite character.
I had all these amazing characters all dolled up in the perfect setting with the perfect contrasting personalities and problems,only to have them fall apart and the watch as Q morphs into this ball of negative ,obsessive energy.A Margo-drone and I hated that.

I hate main characters who become there relationship.Its not about there friends or having a good time its usually not even about living thier life anymore-its about a single person and nothing else now  as romantic as that sound it annoys the living daylights out of me.

The mystery aspect was surprisingly not good.
Actually allow me to rephrase that-it was not viewed well.
From Q's perspective, the whole thing came off obsessive,overly complicated and a little stupid-maybe even a bit pathetic.(Sorry it had to be said though)
 Had there been a different outlook on it, the events and clues were actually not bad.They actually fit very well together.

The characters 6/5 !

I absolutely adored the characters
.I loved Q and his friends, there social standing,all of it! They all have great personalities and converse so well it was the highlight of the book.Nothing could have salvaged the plot apart from the characters and conversation.
Its surprising how much you can both love and hate the same character so much-but not really because who you are is almost entirely made up of what you do.And I both loved and hated Q's actions.Sometimes I wanted to rip him out of the book and stab him and sometimes I wanted to tuck him into my back pocket and keep him forever.

“This was the first time in my life that so many things would never happen again.”

And for that I am very glad because as much as I loved how Q's experiences change and shape him, I never never want him to have to see Margo ever again.
I don't ever want to hear of Margo ever again.
At the start of the book I was very 'meh' about her overly overexertive persona and as the book builds and the more she develops  the more she brings about the negativity and ugly in everything.

She constitutes a 'good time' with hurting others.S
he doesn't really care about Q nor does she respect his feelings,our boundaries-now where some may consider this ' breaking him out of his shell' I'll adress that with the popular phrase your doing it wrong.
 She leads him on to push him down not just away.And I couldn't find it in myself to come to term with that. Though  she teaches Q alot about himself and I loved her for that but as an overall character I don't really even feel like Green wanted me to like her.
She had no redeeming qualities,so no I didn't like her nor her stupid gate away Her blatant unconcern for her actions on Q -who she tangles herself into- deprives him of living the life he deserves.And even if it was his choice to make he only made it with the false hope she instilled in him.
Its was just my luck the book is obsessed with her.

“I didn’t need you, you idiot. I picked you. And then you picked me back.”
enough said? 

Overall 3.5/5
It was remarkably close to getting a 4 star rating but in the end I realized while I  did like it i didn't really really like it so 3 and a half starts is a fair rating IMO.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Boys Girls and Other Hazardous Materials -A Book Bee's Review

2.5 stars
I think this one was a little to juvenile,and out of my age group.That being said if was really that good a book it wouldn't matter would it? If your anywhere above the age of 13 I doubt you'll enjoy much.

The main character is naive, as are her friends.
There problems weren't very problematic, at times (most time) if felt like a bunch of kids making a big deal over nothing.My 'high school' experience was nothing like this (and I doubt high school is like this for anyone [then a again I was boarding all through highschool and lets face it private schools are nothing alike ..so everything's is different.]) so I could in now way relate the characters or try to understand their feelings

I rarely found the writing  humorous  or any swoon worthy moments. If I had piked this up 5 years ago ...yeah I might have liked it so to all the 12 year old girls out there meet Charlie, the 'mean girl' who is trying to re-build her life.

The only thing that kept me from giving a one-star rating was that as boring as the story was, the characters are believable,if not remarkable lame-believable ,It is very possible such people exist and such events take place (though I doubt its quite as extensive.. )but I'm not buying that ending, cuz face it  shit like that just doesn't happen and you know it.

So all in all it was ....whatever,
not really worth the time I invested in reading it.Its a wonder I  finished it at all.

Ps- I wish Luke was my brother cuz A- he has a kickass car and B- That mess-with-my-sis-and-ill-kick-your-ass thing? Way cute. He was almost to good to be believable, but I'll give Wiseman that one.

The Boy WHo Sneaks in My Bedroom Window -A Book Bee's Review

Dear god this was the most characterless, stereotyped  novel I've ever read!
The characters are spiritless, uninteresting and not at all loveable. Their behavior is in no way relative to their past trauma and the  love story endless kissing and groping was more disgusting than anything, It was a waste of my time and easily the worst book I've read in years, I've read cereal boxes with with more of a engaging content, and I wont be bothering to finishing this sorry excuse of contemporary romance. Its spoiled my reading mood ,is whats its done.

Apart from no actual story the characters are flat, two dimensional outlines of stereotypical teenagers.
If your into that sort of thing that's fine but if you were fooled -like me- by the deceiving title that promises some sort of raging secretive love story-you have been warned.Turn around and dispose of the eviillll!

Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls #1) A Book Bee's Review

 3.75 starts  4 STARS!

Eeek, I was so not looking forward to writing this review because I really don't know how to rate it.
I was absolutely  torn about it. I mean liked it, the characters and plot were good. The girls bickering was boarder lining annoying but they work past most of the bitching pretty fast,which was good. I was really liking Kylie up until Trey's little visit. spoiler> after which she decided kissing every guy available  was a good idea. -_-

 Which brings me to point two= the boy saga.

Dont get me wrong I like the guys, all of them really.each of them have there own redeaming qualities  and are most likely to attract a lot of followers.
Perry I found to my surprise- very likable, he's fun,energetic and totally adorable.I would take a second helping of fun and exciting please.

Derek I liked from his first appearance, he's presented very well and instantly has my attention  but my love for him didn't grow as he didn't have any substantial attributes that further drew me to him apart from his initial intrigue.Though he is still commendable on his  participation in some difficult situations and well,just a nice guy overall.

Trey I do not like. He's impatient, inconsiderate and well put simply -he's an ass.I do not look forward to any more of him.

Lucas. oh Lucas. Before I say anything just know I happen to be a super sucker for blue eyes and dark hair. Also I love kittens,
And I also  happen to be a fan of brooding mysterious guys I mean come on... I have yet to meet a girl who cannot resist the mystery man.So it's safe to say I like our little werewolf. He is by far the most interesting boy (though I did find out shape shifter interesting aswell...)That kitten bit was just too cute I honestly I've actually fallen in love with a fictional character.Am I the only one who thought that was adorable?  not to mention the waterfall scene damn what i wouldn't give for a piece of that.  ;D

As much as I liked these parts I just don't feel right giving it a four star rating. Not as much as because of the content but the execution.Though there was a good concept and room for growth there wasnt actually as much detail put inot the stroy as there could have been.There was nothing innovative about the story and it wasn't entirely well put together either.

Actually ,I think maybe based on how much I enjoyed it deserves a four. <3

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Black City -A Book Bee's review

 I'll start with what i didn't like and leave off on a happy note,

 1- frag? seriously? Like I don't understand, the first page is Ash feeling some chick up under a bridge and you have a problem using the word FUCK? are you fucking kidding me?! I have never hated a curse substitute more in my life! It annoyed the fucking shit out of me, I mentally started to replace it with fuck and saw how much more badass everything became.' fragg' what a joke.

The romance, anyone who actually felt like there was a love story in here, just sit down and forever know your insane.Ash and Natalie absolutely hate each other, for just about no reason for about half the book then lo and behold there madly in love.Yeah no I'm actually NOT kidding. Its sucks cuz there was so much attention put into the shitty love story that all the amazing world-building and characters just go to shit.

For the most part the characters all made sense in there respective rolls i wasn't crazy about anyone in particular which  is well..disappointing don't get me wrong there fine but that's its just fine, nothing that sets them apart allowing them to fall into generic supporting roles.. I was totally into Ash untill well [spoiler] he becomes a cheating bastard [spoiler] I mean he was doing fine with the whole misunderstood bad guy- and then out of nowhere and frankly a bit out of character- he does that like uhh Ash beby WHAT THE HELL?

Now I absolutely loved the world and setting.She could have really played it up and made this book amazing! The city is at the perfect stages to have an intense story and we get a few great scenes but there arent as many as I think she could have had. non the less I loved the setting.

I do see the similarities of twin-bloods and darklings , pearly white skin and well blood sucking but there actually very different at heart ;p I though the heart thing was way cool, kind of cheesy but still I thought it was nice
"So start my heart, So start my life, everlasting" finally some real romance be it over the top its better than what we had earlier.

The villains, I don't know what that says about me but I loved them there wonderfully crafted villains and totally evil. if I had to place a bet on whose side I would be on its sad but i wouldn't jump to the front like with Ash and Natalie cuz face it they kinda suck as of now.

As amazing as the content was  It was alot to take in even in its almost 400 pages. I wonder how book two and three will fly since most of the world is already described. Im hoping the action will pick up and they'll learn to tame there wild teenage hormones.

Ps- That last bit with the black phoenix? Gold.

At Graves End (Night Huntress#1) A Book Bee's Review

3.5 stars
 Im actually kinda torn here cuz Ive been loving being able to readabout Cat and the crew and was really looking forward to reading the third book -now I did enjoy it -but I'm starting to feel like their world is starting to lose some of its prior spark.what was a once a raging inferno has now lost a few  flames and has started to sizzle at the edges.

Tate-I get that he loves Cat and at first I thought it was quite admirable for him to express his feelings for her even if she was with someone else. but there is a fine line between being a man and showing your feelings and being a whiny bitch about it .And Tate is dangerously close to the latter.
I still like Yate but he needs to stop following her around like a lost puppy and understand where he stands in her eyes.He should also realize he will probably be standing there for a very long time.

Example- Annette, I like Annette and alot of that comes from the fact she loves bones, dosn't hide it either, but isn't trying to steal him away from Cat nor is she always trash talking her. I can understand that must take a lot of conrtol and maturity  and I can only hope Tate either moves on or builds some composure and dignity.

Bones and Cat really don't have much time to themselves and while I've been waiting for them to explore each other -not just physically- but also emotionally I have to admit there relationship is starting to remind me of a few other instalove couples. They never talk to each other about themselves anymore and all of Bones' deep dark secretes are dropped like a bomb from a random-usually of enemy nature- from his past. 
Cat- I love Cat, she was evrything you would look for in a charactor but there were a few times where I had to step back and wonder when she became so selfish.
When a  friend of bones turns on him and is revealed to have been aiding Patra Cat fails to see what position he was in -like hello if that were you what would you have done? I'm not saying it was the ideal course of action but cut him slack its one of his best  friends!
And when bones chooses to -as his sire- forgive a friends for his mistakes, a touching moment was ruined by Cat being a bitch about it!
 "You should have given him over to me uz i gave you max? Are you serous Cat? you hated max your whole life ! This was his friend,where is your heart?  do you even care how he feels cuz lately you dont seem  like you do.
Also i understand she dosn't love Tate but her blatant disregard of his feelings stings me on his behalf, she never sides with him not even as a friend, its never no ones fault no-in her eyes -its Tate who has done all wrong and Bones is a saint. She shows no interest in how peoples feelings could be affected and that;s not the cat we know and love and I want her back.

Other than that i did enjoy the book the plot was never dull though there was a lot of space betwen significant revalations weeks go by within a few paragraphs, and it got slightly slow in places but soon picked up and had me again.

Im starting to really like Vlad and even Ian no longer warrants  death in my eyes anymore, its nice for a change in Justine's personalty and I find myself more and more intrigued by the other characters

. Im thinking of giving myself some time before jumping over to the books ,maybe try something else in the meantime. Get some perspective before finishing the series all at once.
Despite a tweak here and  there I really like the night huntress books and want to savour them.

The Astonishing Adventures Of Fanboy and Goth Girl -A Book Bee's review

 3.5/5 stars
Well when I picked up the book I thought it would be a very fluffy,low substance story about two losers being awkward and having fun being weird, and even though it is about a loser (no offense fanboy) it's not all rainbows and flowers quite the opposite really.
 Inverted smiley faces and everything.
An intelligent outcast Donnie seems so be getting shit from just about everywhere and I really felt for the poor thing.Donnie is a great character so i really did like him.
 “I just have an allergic reaction to lung cancer. Gives me tumors.”
So when   he meets goth girl I was happy and from there things are starting to look a bit better.
The story itself does have alot of emotional and pleasantly refreshing
“I suddenly realize that I'm naked, which shouldn't bother me                                                              since it's the phone, but for some reason it does. 
                                                          "How's it hanging?" Kyra asks and now I think I'm  blushing.                                                                  It's just an expression, but jeez!”

The story was in good shape and ties together well, I never felt like i was being smothered in useless context but there wasn't anything that  knocked me off my seat .It was funny and touching which was good enough for me.

Anna and the French Kiss-A Book Bee's Review

"Fo' shiz," he replies in his polite English accent " best part ever !

Étienne St. Clair.... Étienne ....ÉTIENNE !! God I love his name.<3

God I love this book!
I loved everything about it! Perkins has an extraordinary talent for totally hooking readers in.

"I'm a little distracted by this English French American Boy Masterpiece.”
Her characters are lovable and very very believable. Perkins does and extraordinary job of portraying there feelings in a both touching and humorous way that you have no choice but to acknowledge and partake in them too.
There also very believable, none of them are flawless but there all perfect to me <3 They act like anyone else would, they do stupid things make mistakes and do a fine job of screwing up pretty bad but  it only makes you love them that much more when they do cutesy things.

I love you as certain dark things are loved, secretly, between the shadow and the soul.”
I found myself falling in love with the story as much as i was falling in love with the characters.Their love story encases you in the sweet covers of the book.You get to know each of the characters so well you feel like you know them and Perkins sets up such a lovely atmosphere you want to make a little home inside the book right next to them.
Floating about inside this new found cozy place, you rise and fall with the characters, you feel their pain,love and sadness.

There are characters that make you want to smile long after reading about them and this book's filled with them. ;)


I think its safe to say execution was perfect givin how Im currently trying to convince my parents to fly me to Paris so I can sip hot chocolate so think its practically syrup, visiting  Père Lachaise Cemetery and kilometer zero and Notre Dame, the Eiffel tower I want to experience everything Perkins describes.
Perkins makes me want to see that lush vibrant green of spring in Paris.Im glad I picked this one up and I thank Perkins for sharing this little bit Paris with me, and I cant wait to share my love in the city of lights,I hear there much more forgiving of Canadians <3

The Angel Experiment (Maximum Rode #1) A Book Bee's Review

I finally decided to give this a go but after a week if trying to force my way through I've realized, I just don't like it.

The characters fell a little flat, it wasn't entertaining and of the 200 pages I did read, I could  summarize just about all of it within one page, if not less!
It just didn't have the substance nor maturity to keep me hooked.
I was actually surprised having enjoyed Artemis f\Fowl and Percy Jackson as much as I did, I didn't think it was going to be an issue.

*maybe reading it immediately after Dark Lover wasnt a choice placement. (*○~○*)

AfterLife (Evernight #4) A Book Bee's Review

So I read (when I say read i mean skimmed) a total of maybe 50 random pages (the last being first) too see if it was any better than the last ones (yeah I know you cant REALLY tell by random pages and all  but I read a few pages at a time so i got the feel of what was going on) and really, if I made it through the last 2 and 3/4 of the rest of the books I damn well better know how it ends.So yeah i only really read it for the closure of knowing where they end off.

P.S.- Seriously shitty ending not worth the effort, you'd rather think up one yourself.

Gameboard of the Gods-A Book Bee's Review

 3/5 Stars
Now before I start I'm just going to let you know it was very close to getting a 4 star rating.

I was lucky enough to get an ARC and was really excited for the new series.I've been in love with Mead's writing since I first read VA when I was like twelve and she's since continued to build theses amazing characters.
And if there was anything that sets this book off par from the rest it's because of the characters.

The Story 4/5
The story itself is very new and completely different from anything she's ever done.This new world intrigued me, and I was interested to see how the story would evolve especially  with the gods coming into play.With incorporating mythology into her story she gave herself a lot of different sub-plots to play with.I can see how future books could be much more interesting.Her base could have been stronger and the story would have done wonders, which brings us to..

Execution 2/5
I hate to say it but the execution was horrible.For about the first fifty to sixty pages i kept re-reading and going back seeing if I had missed something because nothing was making sense.-I've noticed it a lot lately where authors just keep you guessing,throwing all these random points at you and leaving out the explanation until about fifty pages to late, but by now your so worked up in trying to figure it out yourself you don't even soak in the 'big revaluation'.-And thats what was going on. If she had just explained how the country or republic worked first then let insert all the events after it would have been great.

The Characters 3/5
I can't help but compare Justin and Mai to Mead's other characters and there just not the same. Mai and Justin are both very prim,polished and impossibly desired.
There portrayed as perfect all the time which makes it hard for you to connect to them.In a sense it makes sense physically for them to have some sort of 'godly' appearance but personality-wise I expected more.
My favorite characters would probably be Horatio and Magnus,they serve the best commentary.

Overall I did like it,and even if the characters weren't what i expected they were still great.The premise was the biggest appeal and with its already controversial setting I can see it going great places.  

Monday, 13 May 2013

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side-A Book Bee's review

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side.
 Fantaskey manages so skillfully to elude the entire concept of 'dating', that being said she somehow weaves a love story into the book.

The Story
The story progression was slow at first but well paced past the half mark.It defiantly could have been cut down on the mundane (and kind of boring) highschool drama and focused on the more important parts like oh I don't know the fragile balance of two waging immortal vampire kingdoms?

 The writing
The writing style itself was good.It was easy to follow and the conversations were fun.There were the intense moments and softer more sentimental ones.Again the letters were immensely

 The Characters.
  Jessica Oh Jess, at best i describe her as immature.At worst she's a pushover brat who has no will of her own,only a childish tantrum now and there.

 “Stupid Romanian bloodsucker. He was lucky I hadn't bestowed another exalted scar on his imperial body.” said the pissed off twelve year old.16 yr old Vampire melodramatic Princess.

 “I wanted to die. Die right there. I wanted to run to the knife drawer, grab the biggest blade I could find, and plunge it into my heart. To be exposed as never even being kissed ... it was almost worse than being a vampire princess. The vampire thing was a ridiculous fantasy, but my total lack of experience . . . that was real.

 And like I said a pushover.
Throughout the entire book I fail to see any sense of her strength in character grow to embrace her future. For majority of the first half she foolishly refuses to listen to Lucius's claims she just blatantly refuses to accept it without pushing for proof,nor does she try to prove him wrong. When she finally finally comes to terms with it she does nothing to work for it.
She's still the same little girl playing catch up with the rest of the world,doing nothing to become stronger. She's not much of a princess even if she isn't sporting ripped jeans and flannel tee's,she's just like any other teenage girl.She wants a bf and doesn't know how to rise to meet her responsibilities.

 Lucius He's both a complete ass and total gentlemen so he's basically the perfect vampire love interest.
 Lucius would have to be my favorite character which says something because i don't even like him that much.He is very interesting and i loved his comments and dialect.His manner of speaking was just precious and had it not been for his letters I may well have abandoned the book in it's early stages.
“I almost wish that I could replace their hideous flok dolls, as a gesture of my gratitude. Could you, perhaps, have one of the local women fashion a crude poppet out of, say, a wooden spool and some scraps of wool? Nothing fancy. Aesthetic standards for this particular collection were not high, believe me. "Ugly" and "ill-crafted" seem to be part of the key criteria.”

Despite all that he's really infuriating sometimes.(and no not in the -I-absolutly-want-to-stake-the-life-out-if-you-now-fuck-me way.)Lucius -unlike Jess- is acutely aware of the fact he's royalty so he assumes he's better than everyone which is fine I like it most times even but when he claims to love Jess yet tries purposefully to shut her out of his decisions-its not okay bud.He assumes he holds the right to make life decisions for her.He dosn't consider that maybe she would want to know what's going on and come to her own conclusion.
 I blame the lentils Uncle.

I did hate self loathing emo Lucius but he -unlike other characters *cough* Jess *cough*- does have a positive change.(Even if he goes off kilter soon after).

“I was wrong to insult you, and not only because you are my hosts. I am afraid that I mistook kindness for weakness. My apologies. I stand - only with your aid - profoundly corrected.” 

I liked gentlemen american-version Lucius though did enjoy his capricious and slightly nefarious turn just because,Im twisted and I like the dark side ;p
I mean it would have bean pretty awesome of they dragged out the vampire war a little longer but i guess that doesn't work when one side is a teenager who just wants her boyfriend to love her *eye roll*)
The rest of the characters were passably mediocre and generic in nature

The book was a solid 3 with many good things and too many flaws to completely overlook.It was a good book despite everything it was a great read and one of the very few well crafted teen vampire romances.So just to clarify the flaws were not in the romance more so in execution and character development.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Fault In Our Stars -A Book Bee's Review (Spoiler Free)

For those who haven't read The Fault In Our Stars By John Green GO READ IT!
Fault is by far one of the best books I've ever come across.Im no stranger to John's amazing writing skills but never has any of hos books blown me away such as this one.

Fault  has everything a good books has.
Lovable characters,a heart wrenchingly stupendous love story.Twists and turns and ultimately humor and wit that leaves you both breathless and inspired.
And more.
Oh John gives us over the top of everything.His incorporation of poetry gives his already eloquent and reeling context even more of a mystical air .Hazel, Augustus and Isaac are indescribably wonderful, well crafted and endearing characters.I couldn't have picked a better cast of characters to break my heart and warm it with there inspiring commitment and winning humor.

I was left reeling for days after reading it and I hope you find the same love and appreciation within those pages as I.

"As he read,I fell in love the way you fall asleep, slowly; then all at once"
 I felt the same way <3

The Fault In Our Starts -A Book Bee's Review (*spoilers*)


“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.”

 This is a 'quote' review, it consists mainly of phrases and excerpts from the book and contains spoilers."

 I do not posses the words nor eloquence to show my feeling and thoughts, so i resort to the words so artfully crafted in the book.

“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.” 

This is one on those books,, and this is why.

The characters.They are just so wonderfully lovable.It was here...within the first chapter ,just past 15 pages that i had fallen in love with all the main characters.

We are literally in the heart of Jesus," he said. "I thought we were in a church basement, but we are literally in the heart of Jesus."
"Someone should tell Jesus," I said. "I mean, it's gotta be dangerous, storing children with cancer in your heart."

“As I* read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”

The characters are more than just charming they have this ineradicable ability to overcome there sickness.They are not mopey or glum, they understand whats coming and what they can or cannot do about and THEY MOVE ON.With both grace and great humor.

Congratulations! Your a woman.Now die.

They are outrageous insightful.I walked into these 300 some pages thinking this was going to be 'a cancer book' it was not,i also found solace in the main character (Hazel)'s similar disinterest in 'cancer books'

“No matter how hard you kick, no matter how high you get, you can't go all the way around.” 

Such wisdom.

It hurts.John , through his dying characters brings up some of the most difficult  aspects of life that us,being healthy happy go-lucky, people often evade.It makes you think and look within yourself, you cant help but compare yourself to the characters, because in some ways there just like us.
spoiler--->“I like this world. I like drinking champagne. I like not smoking. I like Dutch people speaking Dutch. iI don't want to die.”
 There teens they want love and to go shopping but then you see their strength and cant help but notice your lacking.

'I shall say you will die and none will remember you."

“The world is not a wish-granting factory.”

“You are so busy being YOU that you have no idea how utterly unprecedented you are.”

“You die in the middle of your life.”

“The marks humans leave are too often scars.”

It is just so goddamn touching.
And not cheesy lovey dovey touching.Its so tragically touching your in a constant state of both,wanting (and usually actually ) crying your eyes out at the truth of it all and laughing  hysterically at the wit and beauty.
Yeah, I hear its a side-effect of amazing characters and plot line. ;)
“Augustus Waters was a self-aggrandizing bastard. But we forgive him. We forgive him not because he had a heart as figuratively good as his literal one sucked, or because he knew more about how to hold a cigarette than any nonsmoker in history, or because he got eighteen years when he should've gotten more.'
'Seventeen,' Gus corrected.
'I'm assuming you've got some time, you interrupting bastard.
'I'm telling you,' Isaac continued, 'Augustus Waters talked so much that he'd interrupt you at his own funeral. And he was pretentious: Sweet Jesus Christ, that kid never took a piss without pondering the abundant metaphorical resonances of human waste production. And he was vain: I do not believe I have ever met a more physically attractive person who was more acutely aware of his own physical attractiveness.
'But I will say this: When the scientists of the future show up at my house with robot eyes and they tell me to try them on, I will tell the scientists to screw off, because I do not want to see a world without him.'
I was kind of crying by then.” 
 So was i Hazel.So was I.

 “There are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. There's .1 and .12 and .112 and an infinite collection of others. Of course, there is a bigger infinite set of numbers between 0 and 2, or between 0 and a million. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. A writer we used to like taught us that. There are days, many of them, when I resent the size of my unbounded set. I want more numbers than I'm likely to get, and God, I want more numbers for Augustus Waters than he got. But, Gus, my love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn't trade it for the world. You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I'm grateful.” 


“Some people don't understand the promises they're making when they make them," I said.

"Right, of course. But you keep the promise anyway. That's what love is. Love is keeping the promise anyway.”

Its furiously consistent in trying to make you laugh and more often than you would think  it succeeds.
And lastly like all good books its going to devour you.Its all consuming, both in its bliss and tragedy.

“I'm in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we're all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we'll ever have, and I am in love with you.”

You used," he said,and then took a sharp breath "to call me Augustus."

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Gameboard of the Gods-Richelle Mead


okay, *deep breaths* Woooh. I.Am.So.Excited. <3

No your not seeing things I actually am holding a copy of Gameboard of the Gods and yes it is not actually being released till June 4th and yes I am TOTALLY FREAKING OUT! I woke up this morning and found it at my doorstep,a small little package sent from the goddess herself.\ (*0*)/ okay maybe not ( My sister answered the door and Penguin Canada sent it to me) but who cares! I HAVE A COPY OF IT! Don't worry though you'll be the first to read my thoughts on it!

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Boys, Girls and Other Hazardous MaterialsBoys Girls and other Hazardous Materials

2.5 stars
I think this one was a little to juvenile,and out of my age group.That being said if was really that good a book it wouldn't matter would it?

The main character is naive, as are her friends.There problems weren't very problematic at times if felt like a bunch of kids making a big deal over nothing.My 'high school' was nothing like this so i didnt find if very relative.(then a again I was boarding so everything's is worse.)

I rarely found humor or any swoon worthy moments. If I had piked this up 5 years ago Ii might have liked it so to all the 12 year old girls out there meet Charlie, the 'mean girl' who is trying to re-build her life.
The only thing that kept me from giving a one-star rating was that as boring as the story was, the characters are believable, as are the events (to an extent) but I'm not buying that happy ending, shit like that doesn't happen and we know it.

 Boys,Girls and other Hazardous
   Materials- Rosalind Wiseman

So all in all it was ....whatever,not really worth the time I invested in reading it.Its a wonder i finished it at all.

Ps- I wish Luke was my brother cuz A- he has a kickass car and B- That mess-with-my-sis-and-ill-kick-your-ass thing? Way cute. He was almost to good to be believable, but I'll give Wiseman that one.

A temptation of Angles-A Book Bee's Review

A Temptation of Angels3/5  STARS
First off i dont really see the connection between the title and the actual story and at this point im feeling kind of betrayed and mislead.The 'forbidden love' and title is what caught my attention (silly me believing they were actual GOING TO BE IN THE STORY) cuz they weren't there.

Apart from my obvious disappointment there was so much preparation, so much talking and nothing actually happening. Its not that the book was empty and while i was reading it didnt feel like open air but after finishing im looking back and thinking, thats it? Like nothing of significance apart from one revelation that i predicted 5 pages in, happened. The entire book built up to one main event and honestly it wasnt worth it. The final scene was boring and expected.Like the rest of book, the  character i like most is Raum because he is the only one thats got things happening and effecting him. Everyone else is kind of just coasting along being typical.

      A Temptation of Angels-Michelle Zink
Maybe it was just me (with my acute sense of plot lines always being in override) but i was hoping the story would have been more complex.

An Abundance Of Katherines-A Book Bee's Review

I cant say I was as excited as I usually am for John's writing, his style and general flow was still there but the characters were harder to like where usually I find them effortlessly lovable.
The plot wasn't overly engaging and only really worked because the book wasn't at all long with its near 200 pages.Had it been longer I wouldn't have been motivated enough to read any more than I did unless some new development in the plot came up.
 Looking back there were a few funny parts, I liked the french bit that was cute and there were more good moments scattered around the book, so it was okay. I guess.
I would recommend it for someone looking for a light,easy breezy book because its shortcoming aside it was enjoyable.

Anew-A Book Bee's Review

 Hmmmm im not really sure how to go about this review.I guess the charactors would be a good place to start.
The intro to Scarlet's life was well written, it gave us enough of her past (however nonexistent) and her present condition that we could still connect to her as a character. Heather was one of my fav characters mainly because of her loyalty and concern for scarlet, she seemed genuine in her friendship with scarlet and was always there when she needed to be, the main love interest Gabreal didn't really pique my interest much in the beginning nor did he follow up with much, I definitely found Tristan interesting and he was honestly one of the only reasons I finished the book, he's such a complex character, hes given so much and yet he gets all this negativity. his brother treats him like hes satan's star pupil without really trying to understand him. we don't know much of Nate but i can tell I'm going to like him -Power to the games worldwide!- scarlet herself i did not fancy. She isnt very independent apart from exactly two scenes near the end of the book she never seems to take charge. she listens to what everyone tells her, does what they want her to and most of all she expects the archer brothers to just swoop in and save her life, her dependence oh them is unflattering and i hope that A- we see more of her and B-shes not such a little bitch in her 7th lifetime

The plot itself was good but nothing exceptionally good. there isn't anything particularly wrong so to say but it felt lacking, i wanted there to be more actually going on, anew was good, simple, sweet and kinda predictable i also didn't understand the planning behind the unraveling of the mystery,the author may have been trying to throw in Tristan's plans in early to the mix to keep us interested but i found it unsettling that i was given such random fragments, rather than several bits a few short but note worthy glimpses would have made a better revelation.

Im not sure why but i had a major issue with the way Gabriel speaks to Tristan i hated it even before i got to know Tristan. i don't care if you think your brother is a crazed psychopath who goes around wildly flailing scythes around and shooting people heads off you dont peg him for evil until you know what hes doing what hes feeling cuz serously your an ass for treating him that way SPOILER---> ( SEEING AS TO HOW HES WILLING TO KILL HIMSELF SO YOU HAVE A CHANCE AT TRUE LOVE!) spoiler for all i care he could eat rabbits for breakfast, and he still wouldn't warrant being called heartless and cold and evil! yes he'd be sick and clearly disturbed but not heartless!)

Another issue will Gabriel - sorry Gabriel fans - he looks down on his brother for willing to kill for something/someone who is dear to him. He is constantly putting Tristen down and making him seem heartless for it which is absolutely absurd, hey there Gabriel ever heard of the army? ya there are heartless killers too right? they love there country and are willing to protect it just like Tristen so you can suck it. He's secretly happy that his brothers going to do it which just baffles me more! like your happy hes doing it but you keep telling him how sick it is for him to consider it hello who are you?! i mean i do feel sorry for him with the whole curse thing but hes not alone in his sufferings! i mean SPOILER it literally hurts Tristen to be away from scar ( yeah i just called her scar <3) but it kills her to be near him! that like some serious problems too!

The ending was actually good like it had me interested, I want to read the next book cuz they threw in a good amount of stuff that sounds juicy. LIKE THE LAST SENTENCE! i wont say i didnt see it coming though i had a pretty good idea that was what was going to happen from about  15 pages before but it was till a good move.

All in all this book was good, i know alot of chicks that would devoure this book and i did enjoy it. i look forward to the rest of the series and hope it gets better cuz i do see potential.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Princess Jellyfish -Series Blurb

Amamizukan is an apartment complex where no boys are allowed. Kurashita Tsukimi, a girl who adores jellyfish, lives there happily with her friends who all have nerdy obsessions of their own. The peaceful lives of 'The Sisterhood' gradually start to change when a beautiful woman helps Tsukimi out of a pinch...a whirlwind of fun is on it's way with Tsukimi's new friend is discovered to be a boy.

For more information on Princess Jellyfish click here.

[C] Control- Series Blurb

The Japanese government was rescued from the brink of financial collapse by the Sovereign Wealth Fund. For its citizens, however, life has not improved and unemployment, crime, suicide, and despair are rampant. Kimimaro, raised by his maternal aunt after the disappearance of his father and the death of his mother, is a scholarship student whose only dream is to live a stable, ordinary life. One day he meets a man who offers him a large sum of money if he will allow his "future" to be held as collateral. From then on his fate is radically altered as he's drawn into a mysterious realm known as the Financial District, where he must compete in weekly tournaments called "deals" in order to keep his money and avoid losing his future.

For more information on the series  click here.

Dream Eater Marry (Episodes 1-2)

Being two episodes in Im starting to get a pretty good idea of what the anime is going to be like.So far I like it, it has me intrested in who Marry really is and im sure theres some big unveiling soon to come, but apart from the identity crisis I hope the characters also grow.
There solid characters so far but its early in the series and im hoping for some more growth and development.

I like the idea of two worlds because it sets the stage for inhuman charactres and with the characters being worlds apart they have alot of wiggle room for different abilities.

Also with attributing this parallel world with dreams not only does it link the real world characters to the dream world its also giving the impression anything is possible in this second world because viewes can easily reflect on the oddness if thier own dreams, making anything the author adds in easier to accept.

 I'll keep you posted with the series, sighing off for the night (*^^)

Thursday, 2 May 2013


Clara here!

This was my first Josie anime- I've never even heard of that genre actually -so i don't know what it's was supposed to be like but i know I liked it.I think?

-The good: They were all pretty weird ill admit,but a funny weird.Quirky would be a good word for them.There all obsessed with different things and majorly anti-social but also very charismatic.i was torn between making fun of them and loving them.The characters is really why you would like the anime.If you cant appreciate there awkwardness you wouldn't like it much.
-The bad:There wasn't much background information on any of them and beyond there single trademark hobby they seem to have nothing more to them.

Tsukimi-She is a total geek but she's really cute too!It's really sweet how her love/obsession for jelly-fish started with her mother.I was really sad when i found out (SPOILER--->the mom's dead) also her adressing her mom became a little bit creepier after that.She goes through alot of changes and seems to get more and more self appreciative once she starts to hang out with Kuanosuke.I always thought of there realtionship more of BFF"S than something romantic and even though she does have Shu as a potentiol love intrest (and maybe kuranosuke?)
Jiji I dont really understand her obsession of old men and we dont see much of her.
Chieko Of all the amars we know the most about chieko because she helps make the jellyfish dresses at first.Her dolls are still creepy though.Way creeepy.
Mayaya Mayaya was the weirdest for me,i dont know what records of three kingdoms is about but she's weird.
Banba Uh she likes train and has this weird food detector.Like most of the amars there isnt much about her other than what i said.
Clara The jellyfish! Clara is real cute it makes me want a jellyfish but i know she'll never be as cute.
Kuranosuke- Was probably my favorite.At first i though the cross-dressing was kinda weird but if became really funny and i liked how it became his and Tsukimi's little secrete that he was a boy.
Shuu- I dont know what about him was so cute but i thought he was so CUTE! He gets embarrassed so easily.It was funny because he's usually all business like and stuff so him and his little crush was a good contrast.
Shouko (a.k.a ho)-I think for  her character she was played well,and i actually liked her.She has some serious phone flipping skills.
Saburouta (The prime minister)The first time you see him i thought he was totally gay but after getting into the story and other characters you start to see the hilarity of him being prime minister.Looking back it was actually a really nice touch.
Yoshio (The butler) - First off i want a butler.Why do all anime's have like the most kick-ass butlers ever? (Sebby from kuroshitsuji....uh...Yoshio?)Fine so this onky like the second butler ive come across,but still.
Yoshio was nice because of how easily he can be bribed and the abrupt fluctuations between his loyalties.Again it was a refreshing touch to go with the rest of the cast.

THE ART(7.25/10)
-The good: It was good and tied into the overall concept and personality of the story.
-The bad:There's no stand alone reason to say it was bad but other than t wasnt as clean cut as i would have liked it but that big a deal.
There wasnt much more to the art than  that, it was good and the character design was for the benefit of there personalities but it could have been better.

The good:The OP was amazing (alot of that was because of the visual references) and they voices were perfect for each character.
The bad:Nothing really.

The good: Its entertaining,there is sentimental value and was just really cute even with all this dead mother first love and whatnot I never felt like i was being smothered in hugs and kisses, getting all lovey dovey mushy gushy *gag* which is good cuz i can't stand it.There was romance but it was cute not overwhelming in any snese shape of form so + on that end..For me the story was really just about coming out and embracing the way you are and being more confident in that which is a really good message.Also i loved how they took concepts from other shows or movies and played with them in each episode.That opening gets me every time.

I really enjoyed watching it,i stayed up all night and watched all 11 episodes at once because i couldn't get enough!That being said i hated the ending.There's so many loose ends that probably get solved in the manga but if your like me (and don't like mangas) we'll never find out what happened to Shu! And oddly enough i liked him.I want him to end up with someone nice im not sure it tusmiki is the one but again the romance was never the focus so i dont really know who was feeling what and why i would have liked a more definitive ending i hate weird cliffhanger endings.