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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A temptation of Angles-A Book Bee's Review

A Temptation of Angels3/5  STARS
First off i dont really see the connection between the title and the actual story and at this point im feeling kind of betrayed and mislead.The 'forbidden love' and title is what caught my attention (silly me believing they were actual GOING TO BE IN THE STORY) cuz they weren't there.

Apart from my obvious disappointment there was so much preparation, so much talking and nothing actually happening. Its not that the book was empty and while i was reading it didnt feel like open air but after finishing im looking back and thinking, thats it? Like nothing of significance apart from one revelation that i predicted 5 pages in, happened. The entire book built up to one main event and honestly it wasnt worth it. The final scene was boring and expected.Like the rest of book, the  character i like most is Raum because he is the only one thats got things happening and effecting him. Everyone else is kind of just coasting along being typical.

      A Temptation of Angels-Michelle Zink
Maybe it was just me (with my acute sense of plot lines always being in override) but i was hoping the story would have been more complex.

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