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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Anew-A Book Bee's Review

 Hmmmm im not really sure how to go about this review.I guess the charactors would be a good place to start.
The intro to Scarlet's life was well written, it gave us enough of her past (however nonexistent) and her present condition that we could still connect to her as a character. Heather was one of my fav characters mainly because of her loyalty and concern for scarlet, she seemed genuine in her friendship with scarlet and was always there when she needed to be, the main love interest Gabreal didn't really pique my interest much in the beginning nor did he follow up with much, I definitely found Tristan interesting and he was honestly one of the only reasons I finished the book, he's such a complex character, hes given so much and yet he gets all this negativity. his brother treats him like hes satan's star pupil without really trying to understand him. we don't know much of Nate but i can tell I'm going to like him -Power to the games worldwide!- scarlet herself i did not fancy. She isnt very independent apart from exactly two scenes near the end of the book she never seems to take charge. she listens to what everyone tells her, does what they want her to and most of all she expects the archer brothers to just swoop in and save her life, her dependence oh them is unflattering and i hope that A- we see more of her and B-shes not such a little bitch in her 7th lifetime

The plot itself was good but nothing exceptionally good. there isn't anything particularly wrong so to say but it felt lacking, i wanted there to be more actually going on, anew was good, simple, sweet and kinda predictable i also didn't understand the planning behind the unraveling of the mystery,the author may have been trying to throw in Tristan's plans in early to the mix to keep us interested but i found it unsettling that i was given such random fragments, rather than several bits a few short but note worthy glimpses would have made a better revelation.

Im not sure why but i had a major issue with the way Gabriel speaks to Tristan i hated it even before i got to know Tristan. i don't care if you think your brother is a crazed psychopath who goes around wildly flailing scythes around and shooting people heads off you dont peg him for evil until you know what hes doing what hes feeling cuz serously your an ass for treating him that way SPOILER---> ( SEEING AS TO HOW HES WILLING TO KILL HIMSELF SO YOU HAVE A CHANCE AT TRUE LOVE!) spoiler for all i care he could eat rabbits for breakfast, and he still wouldn't warrant being called heartless and cold and evil! yes he'd be sick and clearly disturbed but not heartless!)

Another issue will Gabriel - sorry Gabriel fans - he looks down on his brother for willing to kill for something/someone who is dear to him. He is constantly putting Tristen down and making him seem heartless for it which is absolutely absurd, hey there Gabriel ever heard of the army? ya there are heartless killers too right? they love there country and are willing to protect it just like Tristen so you can suck it. He's secretly happy that his brothers going to do it which just baffles me more! like your happy hes doing it but you keep telling him how sick it is for him to consider it hello who are you?! i mean i do feel sorry for him with the whole curse thing but hes not alone in his sufferings! i mean SPOILER it literally hurts Tristen to be away from scar ( yeah i just called her scar <3) but it kills her to be near him! that like some serious problems too!

The ending was actually good like it had me interested, I want to read the next book cuz they threw in a good amount of stuff that sounds juicy. LIKE THE LAST SENTENCE! i wont say i didnt see it coming though i had a pretty good idea that was what was going to happen from about  15 pages before but it was till a good move.

All in all this book was good, i know alot of chicks that would devoure this book and i did enjoy it. i look forward to the rest of the series and hope it gets better cuz i do see potential.

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