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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

At Graves End (Night Huntress#1) A Book Bee's Review

3.5 stars
 Im actually kinda torn here cuz Ive been loving being able to readabout Cat and the crew and was really looking forward to reading the third book -now I did enjoy it -but I'm starting to feel like their world is starting to lose some of its prior spark.what was a once a raging inferno has now lost a few  flames and has started to sizzle at the edges.

Tate-I get that he loves Cat and at first I thought it was quite admirable for him to express his feelings for her even if she was with someone else. but there is a fine line between being a man and showing your feelings and being a whiny bitch about it .And Tate is dangerously close to the latter.
I still like Yate but he needs to stop following her around like a lost puppy and understand where he stands in her eyes.He should also realize he will probably be standing there for a very long time.

Example- Annette, I like Annette and alot of that comes from the fact she loves bones, dosn't hide it either, but isn't trying to steal him away from Cat nor is she always trash talking her. I can understand that must take a lot of conrtol and maturity  and I can only hope Tate either moves on or builds some composure and dignity.

Bones and Cat really don't have much time to themselves and while I've been waiting for them to explore each other -not just physically- but also emotionally I have to admit there relationship is starting to remind me of a few other instalove couples. They never talk to each other about themselves anymore and all of Bones' deep dark secretes are dropped like a bomb from a random-usually of enemy nature- from his past. 
Cat- I love Cat, she was evrything you would look for in a charactor but there were a few times where I had to step back and wonder when she became so selfish.
When a  friend of bones turns on him and is revealed to have been aiding Patra Cat fails to see what position he was in -like hello if that were you what would you have done? I'm not saying it was the ideal course of action but cut him slack its one of his best  friends!
And when bones chooses to -as his sire- forgive a friends for his mistakes, a touching moment was ruined by Cat being a bitch about it!
 "You should have given him over to me uz i gave you max? Are you serous Cat? you hated max your whole life ! This was his friend,where is your heart?  do you even care how he feels cuz lately you dont seem  like you do.
Also i understand she dosn't love Tate but her blatant disregard of his feelings stings me on his behalf, she never sides with him not even as a friend, its never no ones fault no-in her eyes -its Tate who has done all wrong and Bones is a saint. She shows no interest in how peoples feelings could be affected and that;s not the cat we know and love and I want her back.

Other than that i did enjoy the book the plot was never dull though there was a lot of space betwen significant revalations weeks go by within a few paragraphs, and it got slightly slow in places but soon picked up and had me again.

Im starting to really like Vlad and even Ian no longer warrants  death in my eyes anymore, its nice for a change in Justine's personalty and I find myself more and more intrigued by the other characters

. Im thinking of giving myself some time before jumping over to the books ,maybe try something else in the meantime. Get some perspective before finishing the series all at once.
Despite a tweak here and  there I really like the night huntress books and want to savour them.

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