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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Black City -A Book Bee's review

 I'll start with what i didn't like and leave off on a happy note,

 1- frag? seriously? Like I don't understand, the first page is Ash feeling some chick up under a bridge and you have a problem using the word FUCK? are you fucking kidding me?! I have never hated a curse substitute more in my life! It annoyed the fucking shit out of me, I mentally started to replace it with fuck and saw how much more badass everything became.' fragg' what a joke.

The romance, anyone who actually felt like there was a love story in here, just sit down and forever know your insane.Ash and Natalie absolutely hate each other, for just about no reason for about half the book then lo and behold there madly in love.Yeah no I'm actually NOT kidding. Its sucks cuz there was so much attention put into the shitty love story that all the amazing world-building and characters just go to shit.

For the most part the characters all made sense in there respective rolls i wasn't crazy about anyone in particular which  is well..disappointing don't get me wrong there fine but that's its just fine, nothing that sets them apart allowing them to fall into generic supporting roles.. I was totally into Ash untill well [spoiler] he becomes a cheating bastard [spoiler] I mean he was doing fine with the whole misunderstood bad guy- and then out of nowhere and frankly a bit out of character- he does that like uhh Ash beby WHAT THE HELL?

Now I absolutely loved the world and setting.She could have really played it up and made this book amazing! The city is at the perfect stages to have an intense story and we get a few great scenes but there arent as many as I think she could have had. non the less I loved the setting.

I do see the similarities of twin-bloods and darklings , pearly white skin and well blood sucking but there actually very different at heart ;p I though the heart thing was way cool, kind of cheesy but still I thought it was nice
"So start my heart, So start my life, everlasting" finally some real romance be it over the top its better than what we had earlier.

The villains, I don't know what that says about me but I loved them there wonderfully crafted villains and totally evil. if I had to place a bet on whose side I would be on its sad but i wouldn't jump to the front like with Ash and Natalie cuz face it they kinda suck as of now.

As amazing as the content was  It was alot to take in even in its almost 400 pages. I wonder how book two and three will fly since most of the world is already described. Im hoping the action will pick up and they'll learn to tame there wild teenage hormones.

Ps- That last bit with the black phoenix? Gold.

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