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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls #1) A Book Bee's Review

 3.75 starts  4 STARS!

Eeek, I was so not looking forward to writing this review because I really don't know how to rate it.
I was absolutely  torn about it. I mean liked it, the characters and plot were good. The girls bickering was boarder lining annoying but they work past most of the bitching pretty fast,which was good. I was really liking Kylie up until Trey's little visit. spoiler> after which she decided kissing every guy available  was a good idea. -_-

 Which brings me to point two= the boy saga.

Dont get me wrong I like the guys, all of them really.each of them have there own redeaming qualities  and are most likely to attract a lot of followers.
Perry I found to my surprise- very likable, he's fun,energetic and totally adorable.I would take a second helping of fun and exciting please.

Derek I liked from his first appearance, he's presented very well and instantly has my attention  but my love for him didn't grow as he didn't have any substantial attributes that further drew me to him apart from his initial intrigue.Though he is still commendable on his  participation in some difficult situations and well,just a nice guy overall.

Trey I do not like. He's impatient, inconsiderate and well put simply -he's an ass.I do not look forward to any more of him.

Lucas. oh Lucas. Before I say anything just know I happen to be a super sucker for blue eyes and dark hair. Also I love kittens,
And I also  happen to be a fan of brooding mysterious guys I mean come on... I have yet to meet a girl who cannot resist the mystery man.So it's safe to say I like our little werewolf. He is by far the most interesting boy (though I did find out shape shifter interesting aswell...)That kitten bit was just too cute I honestly I've actually fallen in love with a fictional character.Am I the only one who thought that was adorable?  not to mention the waterfall scene damn what i wouldn't give for a piece of that.  ;D

As much as I liked these parts I just don't feel right giving it a four star rating. Not as much as because of the content but the execution.Though there was a good concept and room for growth there wasnt actually as much detail put inot the stroy as there could have been.There was nothing innovative about the story and it wasn't entirely well put together either.

Actually ,I think maybe based on how much I enjoyed it deserves a four. <3

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