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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Boys Girls and Other Hazardous Materials -A Book Bee's Review

2.5 stars
I think this one was a little to juvenile,and out of my age group.That being said if was really that good a book it wouldn't matter would it? If your anywhere above the age of 13 I doubt you'll enjoy much.

The main character is naive, as are her friends.
There problems weren't very problematic, at times (most time) if felt like a bunch of kids making a big deal over nothing.My 'high school' experience was nothing like this (and I doubt high school is like this for anyone [then a again I was boarding all through highschool and lets face it private schools are nothing alike ..so everything's is different.]) so I could in now way relate the characters or try to understand their feelings

I rarely found the writing  humorous  or any swoon worthy moments. If I had piked this up 5 years ago ...yeah I might have liked it so to all the 12 year old girls out there meet Charlie, the 'mean girl' who is trying to re-build her life.

The only thing that kept me from giving a one-star rating was that as boring as the story was, the characters are believable,if not remarkable lame-believable ,It is very possible such people exist and such events take place (though I doubt its quite as extensive.. )but I'm not buying that ending, cuz face it  shit like that just doesn't happen and you know it.

So all in all it was ....whatever,
not really worth the time I invested in reading it.Its a wonder I  finished it at all.

Ps- I wish Luke was my brother cuz A- he has a kickass car and B- That mess-with-my-sis-and-ill-kick-your-ass thing? Way cute. He was almost to good to be believable, but I'll give Wiseman that one.

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