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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Dream Eater Marry (Episodes 1-2)

Being two episodes in Im starting to get a pretty good idea of what the anime is going to be like.So far I like it, it has me intrested in who Marry really is and im sure theres some big unveiling soon to come, but apart from the identity crisis I hope the characters also grow.
There solid characters so far but its early in the series and im hoping for some more growth and development.

I like the idea of two worlds because it sets the stage for inhuman charactres and with the characters being worlds apart they have alot of wiggle room for different abilities.

Also with attributing this parallel world with dreams not only does it link the real world characters to the dream world its also giving the impression anything is possible in this second world because viewes can easily reflect on the oddness if thier own dreams, making anything the author adds in easier to accept.

 I'll keep you posted with the series, sighing off for the night (*^^)

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