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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Gameboard of the Gods-A Book Bee's Review

 3/5 Stars
Now before I start I'm just going to let you know it was very close to getting a 4 star rating.

I was lucky enough to get an ARC and was really excited for the new series.I've been in love with Mead's writing since I first read VA when I was like twelve and she's since continued to build theses amazing characters.
And if there was anything that sets this book off par from the rest it's because of the characters.

The Story 4/5
The story itself is very new and completely different from anything she's ever done.This new world intrigued me, and I was interested to see how the story would evolve especially  with the gods coming into play.With incorporating mythology into her story she gave herself a lot of different sub-plots to play with.I can see how future books could be much more interesting.Her base could have been stronger and the story would have done wonders, which brings us to..

Execution 2/5
I hate to say it but the execution was horrible.For about the first fifty to sixty pages i kept re-reading and going back seeing if I had missed something because nothing was making sense.-I've noticed it a lot lately where authors just keep you guessing,throwing all these random points at you and leaving out the explanation until about fifty pages to late, but by now your so worked up in trying to figure it out yourself you don't even soak in the 'big revaluation'.-And thats what was going on. If she had just explained how the country or republic worked first then let insert all the events after it would have been great.

The Characters 3/5
I can't help but compare Justin and Mai to Mead's other characters and there just not the same. Mai and Justin are both very prim,polished and impossibly desired.
There portrayed as perfect all the time which makes it hard for you to connect to them.In a sense it makes sense physically for them to have some sort of 'godly' appearance but personality-wise I expected more.
My favorite characters would probably be Horatio and Magnus,they serve the best commentary.

Overall I did like it,and even if the characters weren't what i expected they were still great.The premise was the biggest appeal and with its already controversial setting I can see it going great places.  

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