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Monday, 13 May 2013

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side-A Book Bee's review

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side.
 Fantaskey manages so skillfully to elude the entire concept of 'dating', that being said she somehow weaves a love story into the book.

The Story
The story progression was slow at first but well paced past the half mark.It defiantly could have been cut down on the mundane (and kind of boring) highschool drama and focused on the more important parts like oh I don't know the fragile balance of two waging immortal vampire kingdoms?

 The writing
The writing style itself was good.It was easy to follow and the conversations were fun.There were the intense moments and softer more sentimental ones.Again the letters were immensely

 The Characters.
  Jessica Oh Jess, at best i describe her as immature.At worst she's a pushover brat who has no will of her own,only a childish tantrum now and there.

 “Stupid Romanian bloodsucker. He was lucky I hadn't bestowed another exalted scar on his imperial body.” said the pissed off twelve year old.16 yr old Vampire melodramatic Princess.

 “I wanted to die. Die right there. I wanted to run to the knife drawer, grab the biggest blade I could find, and plunge it into my heart. To be exposed as never even being kissed ... it was almost worse than being a vampire princess. The vampire thing was a ridiculous fantasy, but my total lack of experience . . . that was real.

 And like I said a pushover.
Throughout the entire book I fail to see any sense of her strength in character grow to embrace her future. For majority of the first half she foolishly refuses to listen to Lucius's claims she just blatantly refuses to accept it without pushing for proof,nor does she try to prove him wrong. When she finally finally comes to terms with it she does nothing to work for it.
She's still the same little girl playing catch up with the rest of the world,doing nothing to become stronger. She's not much of a princess even if she isn't sporting ripped jeans and flannel tee's,she's just like any other teenage girl.She wants a bf and doesn't know how to rise to meet her responsibilities.

 Lucius He's both a complete ass and total gentlemen so he's basically the perfect vampire love interest.
 Lucius would have to be my favorite character which says something because i don't even like him that much.He is very interesting and i loved his comments and dialect.His manner of speaking was just precious and had it not been for his letters I may well have abandoned the book in it's early stages.
“I almost wish that I could replace their hideous flok dolls, as a gesture of my gratitude. Could you, perhaps, have one of the local women fashion a crude poppet out of, say, a wooden spool and some scraps of wool? Nothing fancy. Aesthetic standards for this particular collection were not high, believe me. "Ugly" and "ill-crafted" seem to be part of the key criteria.”

Despite all that he's really infuriating sometimes.(and no not in the -I-absolutly-want-to-stake-the-life-out-if-you-now-fuck-me way.)Lucius -unlike Jess- is acutely aware of the fact he's royalty so he assumes he's better than everyone which is fine I like it most times even but when he claims to love Jess yet tries purposefully to shut her out of his decisions-its not okay bud.He assumes he holds the right to make life decisions for her.He dosn't consider that maybe she would want to know what's going on and come to her own conclusion.
 I blame the lentils Uncle.

I did hate self loathing emo Lucius but he -unlike other characters *cough* Jess *cough*- does have a positive change.(Even if he goes off kilter soon after).

“I was wrong to insult you, and not only because you are my hosts. I am afraid that I mistook kindness for weakness. My apologies. I stand - only with your aid - profoundly corrected.” 

I liked gentlemen american-version Lucius though did enjoy his capricious and slightly nefarious turn just because,Im twisted and I like the dark side ;p
I mean it would have bean pretty awesome of they dragged out the vampire war a little longer but i guess that doesn't work when one side is a teenager who just wants her boyfriend to love her *eye roll*)
The rest of the characters were passably mediocre and generic in nature

The book was a solid 3 with many good things and too many flaws to completely overlook.It was a good book despite everything it was a great read and one of the very few well crafted teen vampire romances.So just to clarify the flaws were not in the romance more so in execution and character development.

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