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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Paper Towns -A Book Bee's Review

The plot 2/5
I spy with my little eye a great story.” road trip.
Because the best part of the story was the road trip.It was entertaining and was a wonderful play at bonding the characters together.
With each passing hour you see them unwind ,they start to see the world a little different and start to look at each other different too.

If theres anything I could relive from the book it would be the road trip.Its the one part I remember almost perfectly and its the part that reminds me i actually like the Q.
Why?Because the road trip is the only time post-obsession that Q and his friends are having fun,being teenagers and actually enjoying the adventure!

The story before that was just, straight up- a disappointment.
While is progresses and flows great, the content just wasnt doing it for me.It was all about Margo-who just happends to be my least favourite character.
I had all these amazing characters all dolled up in the perfect setting with the perfect contrasting personalities and problems,only to have them fall apart and the watch as Q morphs into this ball of negative ,obsessive energy.A Margo-drone and I hated that.

I hate main characters who become there relationship.Its not about there friends or having a good time its usually not even about living thier life anymore-its about a single person and nothing else now  as romantic as that sound it annoys the living daylights out of me.

The mystery aspect was surprisingly not good.
Actually allow me to rephrase that-it was not viewed well.
From Q's perspective, the whole thing came off obsessive,overly complicated and a little stupid-maybe even a bit pathetic.(Sorry it had to be said though)
 Had there been a different outlook on it, the events and clues were actually not bad.They actually fit very well together.

The characters 6/5 !

I absolutely adored the characters
.I loved Q and his friends, there social standing,all of it! They all have great personalities and converse so well it was the highlight of the book.Nothing could have salvaged the plot apart from the characters and conversation.
Its surprising how much you can both love and hate the same character so much-but not really because who you are is almost entirely made up of what you do.And I both loved and hated Q's actions.Sometimes I wanted to rip him out of the book and stab him and sometimes I wanted to tuck him into my back pocket and keep him forever.

“This was the first time in my life that so many things would never happen again.”

And for that I am very glad because as much as I loved how Q's experiences change and shape him, I never never want him to have to see Margo ever again.
I don't ever want to hear of Margo ever again.
At the start of the book I was very 'meh' about her overly overexertive persona and as the book builds and the more she develops  the more she brings about the negativity and ugly in everything.

She constitutes a 'good time' with hurting others.S
he doesn't really care about Q nor does she respect his feelings,our boundaries-now where some may consider this ' breaking him out of his shell' I'll adress that with the popular phrase your doing it wrong.
 She leads him on to push him down not just away.And I couldn't find it in myself to come to term with that. Though  she teaches Q alot about himself and I loved her for that but as an overall character I don't really even feel like Green wanted me to like her.
She had no redeeming qualities,so no I didn't like her nor her stupid gate away Her blatant unconcern for her actions on Q -who she tangles herself into- deprives him of living the life he deserves.And even if it was his choice to make he only made it with the false hope she instilled in him.
Its was just my luck the book is obsessed with her.

“I didn’t need you, you idiot. I picked you. And then you picked me back.”
enough said? 

Overall 3.5/5
It was remarkably close to getting a 4 star rating but in the end I realized while I  did like it i didn't really really like it so 3 and a half starts is a fair rating IMO.

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