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Thursday, 2 May 2013


Clara here!

This was my first Josie anime- I've never even heard of that genre actually -so i don't know what it's was supposed to be like but i know I liked it.I think?

-The good: They were all pretty weird ill admit,but a funny weird.Quirky would be a good word for them.There all obsessed with different things and majorly anti-social but also very charismatic.i was torn between making fun of them and loving them.The characters is really why you would like the anime.If you cant appreciate there awkwardness you wouldn't like it much.
-The bad:There wasn't much background information on any of them and beyond there single trademark hobby they seem to have nothing more to them.

Tsukimi-She is a total geek but she's really cute too!It's really sweet how her love/obsession for jelly-fish started with her mother.I was really sad when i found out (SPOILER--->the mom's dead) also her adressing her mom became a little bit creepier after that.She goes through alot of changes and seems to get more and more self appreciative once she starts to hang out with Kuanosuke.I always thought of there realtionship more of BFF"S than something romantic and even though she does have Shu as a potentiol love intrest (and maybe kuranosuke?)
Jiji I dont really understand her obsession of old men and we dont see much of her.
Chieko Of all the amars we know the most about chieko because she helps make the jellyfish dresses at first.Her dolls are still creepy though.Way creeepy.
Mayaya Mayaya was the weirdest for me,i dont know what records of three kingdoms is about but she's weird.
Banba Uh she likes train and has this weird food detector.Like most of the amars there isnt much about her other than what i said.
Clara The jellyfish! Clara is real cute it makes me want a jellyfish but i know she'll never be as cute.
Kuranosuke- Was probably my favorite.At first i though the cross-dressing was kinda weird but if became really funny and i liked how it became his and Tsukimi's little secrete that he was a boy.
Shuu- I dont know what about him was so cute but i thought he was so CUTE! He gets embarrassed so easily.It was funny because he's usually all business like and stuff so him and his little crush was a good contrast.
Shouko (a.k.a ho)-I think for  her character she was played well,and i actually liked her.She has some serious phone flipping skills.
Saburouta (The prime minister)The first time you see him i thought he was totally gay but after getting into the story and other characters you start to see the hilarity of him being prime minister.Looking back it was actually a really nice touch.
Yoshio (The butler) - First off i want a butler.Why do all anime's have like the most kick-ass butlers ever? (Sebby from kuroshitsuji....uh...Yoshio?)Fine so this onky like the second butler ive come across,but still.
Yoshio was nice because of how easily he can be bribed and the abrupt fluctuations between his loyalties.Again it was a refreshing touch to go with the rest of the cast.

THE ART(7.25/10)
-The good: It was good and tied into the overall concept and personality of the story.
-The bad:There's no stand alone reason to say it was bad but other than t wasnt as clean cut as i would have liked it but that big a deal.
There wasnt much more to the art than  that, it was good and the character design was for the benefit of there personalities but it could have been better.

The good:The OP was amazing (alot of that was because of the visual references) and they voices were perfect for each character.
The bad:Nothing really.

The good: Its entertaining,there is sentimental value and was just really cute even with all this dead mother first love and whatnot I never felt like i was being smothered in hugs and kisses, getting all lovey dovey mushy gushy *gag* which is good cuz i can't stand it.There was romance but it was cute not overwhelming in any snese shape of form so + on that end..For me the story was really just about coming out and embracing the way you are and being more confident in that which is a really good message.Also i loved how they took concepts from other shows or movies and played with them in each episode.That opening gets me every time.

I really enjoyed watching it,i stayed up all night and watched all 11 episodes at once because i couldn't get enough!That being said i hated the ending.There's so many loose ends that probably get solved in the manga but if your like me (and don't like mangas) we'll never find out what happened to Shu! And oddly enough i liked him.I want him to end up with someone nice im not sure it tusmiki is the one but again the romance was never the focus so i dont really know who was feeling what and why i would have liked a more definitive ending i hate weird cliffhanger endings.

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