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Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Boy WHo Sneaks in My Bedroom Window -A Book Bee's Review

Dear god this was the most characterless, stereotyped  novel I've ever read!
The characters are spiritless, uninteresting and not at all loveable. Their behavior is in no way relative to their past trauma and the  love story endless kissing and groping was more disgusting than anything, It was a waste of my time and easily the worst book I've read in years, I've read cereal boxes with with more of a engaging content, and I wont be bothering to finishing this sorry excuse of contemporary romance. Its spoiled my reading mood ,is whats its done.

Apart from no actual story the characters are flat, two dimensional outlines of stereotypical teenagers.
If your into that sort of thing that's fine but if you were fooled -like me- by the deceiving title that promises some sort of raging secretive love story-you have been warned.Turn around and dispose of the eviillll!

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