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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Red Glove-A Book Bee's Review

"Curses and and Cons
    Magic and the Mob"

Holly has yet again managed to blend the two together so well without completely losing readers to the fact that Cassel is indeed a teenage boy and is hopelessly in  love.

Which brings me to point one  Cassel
Cassel, self-loathing, completely  shattered- suspected murderer -not to mention total heartthrob -just made my list of guys I wish were real.

Cassel the most powerful curse worker of them all, con master extrodanare is just all around the best guy ever,hands down.He is so deliciously flawed yet absolutely adorable at the same time.

 One of the things I most admire about him is his perception and consideration of the facts.
He dosn't delude himself with things he knows aren't possible but uses his knowledge and skills to  somehow make things work.
He is so endearing with his constant shifting between situations and his want to make all of them work. It really shows that for his age he is oddly-so  responsible.

Cassel is constanstly feeling out of place,either he's too involved or just at the fringes
' the best kind of killer..the kind that never has blood on his hands. The kind that never has to either sicken at the sight of what he's done, or come to like it too much.”

" At the window of my room I catch my reflection in the glass.shaggy black hair.Sneer.I look like a hungry ghost,glowering in at a world I/m no longer fit to be part of."

It surprises me with how much ferocity life seems to screw him over.He's one of those guys you would couldn't help sympathize with I mean come on as if the first book didn't dump enough on him he has a whole new set of problems and undiscovered old ones too!
And the best part is that he not only wants to-but works to fix it himself.He's not a whiny bitch about it he takes it like a man.-most of the time.
I just want to pick him up and put him in my pocket <3

It really is amazing how Holly has created such a complex character without breaking him into pieces or contradicting his nature with each of his vastly different persona's.For example;

You have Cassel the pessimist  -"Nerds get away with everything" Sam says.Daneca grins "don't we just" I smile back but if there's one thing I know it's that eventually we all get caught."

"Its not that i don't know its a bad idea.Its just that lately, bad ideas see to have a particular hold over me."
So he knows what he's getting into and he knows how wrong it could go which is as disturbing as it is reassuring.

You have Cassel the badass.-
"Virtue is it's own revenge" "it's own  reward " says Daneca."Virtue is it's own reward." I grin, "that's not the version I've heard."

You have Cassel the 'smartass'-
“Mom" I say "Oh honey" she says "The doctor wants to see you to make sure you don't have the same thing that killed your brother. "
She turns to Ms.Logan who looks scandalized by the whole encounter. "These things can run in families" she confides.
"Your afraid I'm going to come down with a bad case of getting two in the chest?" I say "cause you might be right about that running in families. ”

I mean who doesn't love a smart mouth?

And then theres Cassel the teenager-
 both a total screw up and free soul-
“Life's full of opportunities to make crappy decisions that feel good. And after the first one, the rest get a whole lot easier.”

"We laugh so hard,for a moment,it seems like were never going to be able to stop"

I like all the Cassels and I can't wait till he's king.

“You're a pretty cool customer, huh?" says Agent Hunt.
"I hide my inner pain under my stoic visage."
Agent Hunt looks like he would like to put his fist through my stoic visage.” 

Yeah I'de say he's a pretty  cool customer too but thats  the thing about always lying, people never take your honesty to heart.So when he says that -you would think he's mocking you but he's really confessing.

Now theres never enough of Cassel but i should try to get through the rest so though he may be one hell of a love interest in the story, he's also just as great a character.
He's charming,smart,funnyand very relateable.
and lets face it badboys are the best.

Holly has used her skill to create  an equally well crafted cast of characters.The more we learn about Cassel the more we learn about those around him. Which is why I find myself fascinated with Barron.One of the few mysterious Sharpe's left.
“It’s hard to look at Barron now, but I do. He’s smirking. His black hair and black suit make him into a shadow, as if I conjured some  dark mirror of myself
Now doesn't want a bit of that?

Sam is also a favorite, many times supporting charters come off 'sidekick-ish' but I see Sam and think of him as an equal even if he's not as involved emotionally he's always there when it counts. Best friend ever.

The story was phenomenal and i could rant and rave about it forever but I fear,that once I start I may never. be able to stop. /('0')\
So assuming you've read the fisrt book you understand Cassle is like the beacon of all things dangerous.What i really liked about this book as that he starts to loosen up a little,he's hanging out with his friends,cutting class just cuz he can not cuz he has to kill someone.It's that for a while he seems happy and that was awesome. Too bad a few chapters later his life is pretty much over.

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