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Monday, 8 July 2013

Baacano! Review


I absolutely loved the animation,from character design to the clarity and fluidity of movements the animation was amazing!

 The soundtrack was perfect for the theme and setting anime.I thought the opening soundtrack  was perfect and I enjoyed the well placed bits of jazzy music throughout the entire story,it really gave the situation an authentic fun feel,especially during action scenes!
Along with the amazing soundtrack the voices were also very well paired with their personalities  and easily associated to the characters. 

The most memorable aspect of Baccano for me was the cast.With almost a dozen main characters and a whopping 32 supporting its almost impossible to imagine having to remember them all but within a few episodes it comes naturally to you!The cast has a huge span of personalities

  .Isaac and Miria were  arguably the most eccentric,entertaining characters I've ever come across,so it amazes me that they share the stage with such diverse characters,from there illustrious costumes and jovial gallivanting around town and questionable career they were a joy to have around and are sure to lift your spirits!
  Each of the characters hold a special role in the story and come together to make a great story.

  Baccano! has  a non-sequential storytelling style that warrants attention.Though its been done before its still quite intresting to watch and though at first you don;t quite understand whats happening you soon fall into the flow of irregularity and start to enjoy it.  Baccano! has many sub-stories that follow a different set or individual character, all of which click together and form one large scale story.Its, again , amazingly well-paces and entertaining to follow.
It has an incredibly well balanced plate of action,comedy and drama so you never feel overwhelmed by once specific emotion but are constantly at elated an abundance of them.

Baccano! pours comedy, action and even a little romance, into you without taking away from the suspense and flow of the story, successfully creating a masterpiece you'll want to watch over and over  again!

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