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Friday, 26 July 2013

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist ANime 2013 Ongoing Review

The story revolves around William, an aristocratic family's progeny with rare intellect. One day, his uncle lost his possessions after his business failed. Fearing that his family's name has been tarnished, William returns home and searches with his family's butler for anything that can be converted into cash. A search of the premises yields an underground room left by an ancestor. In the room is a magical seal, and William unintentionally summons a devil. The summoned devil tells William his name Dantalion, and reveals that William is the designator who can choose the acting ruler of the demon world.

I was lured in by the premise and its similarity to Kuroshitsuji.
Both have a little boy and demon who holds a subservient role.

Episode 1

The animation is good. above average (maybe if not my much though) though something about the character design rubs quite oddly,and doesn't sit entirely well.The story itself holds potential though the light airy feel doesn't allow it to grow much.
There is a fight scene even in the very first ep which shows that there will be more in the future though again because the story started off on such a light note it dosn't hold as great an impact.

I will continue to follow the series though, and do hope for some developments in the near future.

Episode 2

The characters are starting to fall into place and the cast is growing,
(Sitori makes his(her?) debut and does make things a little more interesting). all good things though the light-hearted airy feel lingers throughout this episode aswell.The fight scenes are pretty but unproductive and not very interesting.I can see how they are trying to assure us and counter the continues lightness that has been carried out the rest of the ep. but im not really feeling it.

I still have not given up hope ,I have searched ling and hard for similar anime's to Kuro and this is the closest I've come! so I will not give up on it so easily in hopes that it gets better.

                                                                    Episode 3

The anime is more or less the same,The Church does come into the story which is good.Now you can expect the whole war on Good vs. Evil.
The characters are slowly (as in extremely slowly) getting more comfortable with each other.I suspect Twining will keep up this 'not my problem' attitude for a while before taking his role.

I'm noticing a pattern of  a few minutes of school drama,then a peek into a problem, a monster, a fight, Dantallion saves the day and the end.

The action scenes are still flashy but not very productive ,story progression and complexity is minimal and the comedy consists of just about nothing as of now.
I'll keep watching but I'm not holding onto much hope nor should I.

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