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Friday, 31 October 2014

Review: The Lies of Locke Lamora

The Lies of Locke Lamora
The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I seem to be becoming quite taken with child prodigies, many of whom are thieving bastards,criminals and murderers.

I would say Locke isn't much different then any of them,and for the most part he isn't. He's got his wits about him and is devilishly cunning.He plays hard and wins almost as big as he loses.Locke's journey was a confusing one not because of the intricacy of the story or inconsistencies,much of this was rather well explained.
“I'm fit and I'm angry, and I'm obviously crazy.Anything could happen.”

What was confusing was I had these incidents presented to me and had no fucking idea where or when this was all going down.He is introduced as a five year old then jumps to manhood and back more times than I can count Very little account is given to where in this vast ocean of nearly 23 years is any of this taking place making it impossible for me to understand if I should be impressed at his skill.Am I supposed to marvel that he's 10 and pulling this off or is he 20 and underachieving?
“If he had a bloody gash across his throat and a physiker was trying to sew it up, Lamora would steal the needle and thread and die laughing.”

Now,Locke has the witticism and charm that is so ineradicably entertaining I would never get tired of him.So he could be ninety for all I care, he's one hell of an amazing character and if I tag along for this I'm positive I'm in for one hell of a ride.

Also there was an overwhelming amount of friendship and loyalty that really won me over.
“If the whole things goes to shit,just remember to throw your self down the damn waterfall.'

'I'll cover your back,the sharp and bloody way.”

The book did have issues. It startled possibly slow and to be honest quite terriblely after the initial introduction,about 50 pages if not more of complete bullshit I could harldey stand it.

He was training us for a situation that was fucked up on all sides.Well,were in it,and I say were equal to it.
I don't need to be reminded that we're up to out heads in dark water.I just want you boys to remember that we're the gods-damned sharks!"

The story was great once it got going to but there were more than one plodding,slow and almost boring patches scattered throughout the book that I could have done without.

And yet here I am with a four star rating,the book is really more like a 9/10 because even if it ticked almost all the boxes for me it had some major issues with pacing and negligence. that I couldn't overlook.

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