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Friday, 31 October 2014

Review: The Name of the Wind

The Name of the Wind
The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Giving this a star review really won't do justice to how I feel about it.The book took of on a great note and set the entirely appropriate mood for the reader to carry through the rest of the story.

*The first book concentrates on Kvothes' education and juvenile upbringing.I imagine he puts this knowledge to more use in the coming books,where I can hopefully see him make his mistakes (because he clearly makes them) and better understand his journey to where he is now.Where he is close to 30 in present tense, he is nearly half that age in the retelling.I would tell anyone who plans on reading the book,to keep that in mind.
He has much of his life we still have no knowledge of,
so the man I see in the interlude is a work in progress for the entirety of the story.Drawing conclusions or trying to understand who the man I see today is and how he came to be is just not possible at this point in the story.
So don't try to

Now lets's get down to it.

*Writing 4/5 The author was thoughtful and observant in his telling of Kvothe's story, relating events and thoughts with clarity and proper perspective.I didn't feel set apart or detached from the story nor the emotions and awe Kvothe experiences. I definitely felt the first person narration was a better experience overall but the third person intervals gave a different spin that were both refreshing and insightful.

*World Composition 5/5 Personally,I loved the fantasy structure and felt it was explained and presented with the utmost care and genuine appeal that you could hope for. Sympathy and all that makes the world go round were built on strong ideals and embellished with sheer genius innovation.
And I don't want to hear shit about Hogwarts,The University is not a magical wizarding school ffs! What?did you expect people to lurk in in forests and just discover the key to the world? If there's 'magic' or an art there's going to be an institution that specializes in it.Goddamn. And shit Hemmes IS NO SNAPE!Snape is a complex,supporting character in HP, Hemmes is barley there and has no part in the story save a few parts that are there for the sole purpose to create depth and opportunity for Kvothe.Not to mention there nothing alike in nature.

*Plot 5/5* The story itself is engaging,suspenseful,and carries sentiment and bits of action -that,I very much appreciated.There were tender moments,serious moments and some downright devilish fun.I reveled in Kvothes early years and while I wasn't entirely taken with his time at The University(more on that below) the circumstances and adventures surrounding this single event were all highly entertaining.

*Characters 5/5 the story is set that Kvothe narrates his story to a small audience.During this he is the main focus,he is documenting his trials after all so secondary characters are fleshed out,given personalities and carried well, but for the most part not my concern nor in my interest.There lovely,realistic and genuine.Every story has a few plot devices,as does this one, but it has some of the fewest and best ones yet.

Kvothe ~(00*~) Is a bit of a problem.I can't decide if I want to kick or kiss him.He;s amazingly talented -almost annoyingly so,but he is far from carefree,he experiences pain,loss and endures a great deal that justifies a certain level of bragging rights. He is amazingly driven and a prodigy of sorts.He is earnest and has a good head on his shoulders.But more than anything he's fun.he makes you laugh and really is interesting.
“I even started a few rumors that were pure nonsense, lies so outrageous that people would repeat them despite the fact that they were obviously untrue.
I had demon blood in me.
I could see in the dark.
I only slept an hour each night.
When the moon was full I would talk in my sleep, speaking a strange language no one could understand.”
Denna is also a bit of a mystery, and I haven't made up my mind of what to make of her.There is clearly more of her than I originally thought.I look forward to seeing her more than often in the coming books.
That One Missing Star
*I immediately had an itch when the repetitiveness started.Some tasteful repeat sentences can really build that suspense and depth but The Name of the Wind had a lot of repetitive portions,that,with what I would consider passably good composition,is part of what chipped away at that near perfect fifth star.

There were awkward sentences,a splatter of nonsensical phrases,and poor descriptions that further contributed to a less than brilliant flow.

*There was a chunk in which the sole purpose seemed to be "reinstate how amazing Kvothe is". His time in the University was largely focused on this cause.There were passages I enjoyed during this time,many of them but there were times I was just so over hearing how gifted he was.

Largley the problem was not that Kvothe is amazing (how the fuck could that be a problem?)it's just that he has to explain how he is.There is a jumble of too many talents,done too well,too fast.Had he just demonstrated all his skill and developed a few at a more reasonable rate Like the class lecture or the draccus slaying This would have been such a non-issue!

The Length was actually not an issue it was the how to say it....the density of the pages.There was a lot of backtracking, unnecessary detail and some rambling. This would have been over looked had there been the proper attention to necessary details.
There are poorly painted images that could have used that attention more than taking the time going to such lengths to..say.. make a point to insert random poetic advice that is cut off 'forgotten' and in no way relative or constrictive to the story.

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