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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Review: Poison Study

Poison Study
Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I couldn't have come across this book at a better time.
Poison Study is the kind of story I wish for every time I open up a book.

I'd like to say the star of the show is Yelena but before even that,is the writing.
Snyder has an impossibly enticing yet uncomplicated writing style that makes reading so effortless yet very enjoyable.With every chapter layers of the world,people and situation around Yelena were discovered.
I found myself stumble upon inevitable truths but couldn't bring myself to realize when it became so painstakingly clear.I never once felt that I was given premature information that could jeopardize my enjoyment of the story.When I discovered something it was always with perfect precision.

And what a story, it wasn't just a story it was a journey.Exciting,fun and above all well balanced. It had just enough of what makes a good story,that it flows well and makes sense but not enough that you can't help secretly wishing for more,never wanting to stop reading.

Yelena is nothing short of a miracle.She's smart,rational, resourceful ,compassionate and above all consistently Yelena.Her character is built, growing with each season of her life,becoming not only a a capable fighter but a stronger extension of herself.Her strength was earned with every passing day.She worked hard for her skill and I can't stress enough how much I loved that about her.

She's surrounded with loyal,king friends who were both great comedic relief and fuel to her fire,encouraging and caring for her the best they could.

Valek was more than a love interest he was a great soldier.He has a very serious, assertive, demeanor but he isn't cold and it's pleasant reading about him.His character is conflicted but consistent making it easy to connect with him and made me want to,not only, know more about him but happy to see his open up in his own way.

The story is epic on a grand scale but it is epic,I can't wait to read more.

I loved seeing her become a capable and deadly fighter

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